wisephotographics.com: Organisations I Support

Animal Kind International
Animal-Kind International supports existing animal welfare organizations in poor countries. Currently we have partner organizations in: Armenia, Bosnia, Honduras, Jamaica, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Because AKI has no overheads, 100% of all contributions are sent directly to our partner organizations. Choose which AKI partner organization you'd like to support, or let AKI choose how to distribute your donations.

Australian Photographic Society
"The Australian Photographic Society is Australia's own national photographic organisation.

The aim of the Society is to promote, improve, share and enjoy photography in Australia offering many extensive services, all specifically designed to improve photography and photographic skills.

Membership is open to all - international exhibitors, beginners, amateurs & professionals."

Girl Child Network Uganda
GIRL CHILD NETWORK UGANDA (GCN) is dedicated to enabling the success of the girl child in Uganda. At GCN, we believe that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to contribute to the development of his or her society. That is what we strive for everyday. We exist to empower the girl child to realize her full potential.
Our mission is to support girls through educational empowerment, prevention of child rights abuses, rehabilitation of abused girls and the promotion of girls’ talents

Safe Waters Foundation Africa
Safe Waters Africa is tightly linked to what was previously known as National Lake Rescue Institute (NLRI), the first non-governmental water safety and SAR institute in East Africa. Since 2002 the organization has been actively working for increased water safety awareness and to prevent drowning. Safe Waters Africa will continue the work of NLRI and strive to find new forms of Private Public Partnerships to make the African waters safer. For more information on the impressive work of NLRI please visit http://www.lake-rescue.org/index.htm.