An Australian, Clare Wise de Wet eschewed the predictable life and chose a less-travelled path. Her African journey started over 20 years ago when she and her South African husband embarked on an eight-month drive from London to Uganda. The initial plan was to volunteer their time and build a school in the war-torn area of Gulu, and then to move on. However, despite successfully completing their project, they were both so entranced and inspired by the country that they decided to stay, making their home on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Through her travel and documentary photography, Clare aims to show the unexpected beauty that abounds both in Uganda and around the world, by providing a visual gift to those who may not have the means to experience such people and places. Her photographs always tell a rich story, the images expressing more about life - the striking, the prosaic, the poetic - than words ever could.

A mention of some of Clare’s clients and publications to date:

SBS Australia, Rough Guides online, Mail & Guardian South Africa, World Meteorological Organisation, Bolloré Africa Logistics, Ericsson, Encyclopaedia Ethiopica, South African Airways Sawubona Magazine and International Maritime Rescue Federation


Shortlisted ‘Capture Corruption’ Global Photo Competition, Transparency International 2015


New York, Los Angeles, Finland, Hong Kong, Iran, Mexico, Ecuador, and Malaysia.